Naughty But Nice

Attention: All Women Who Want To Spice Up their Sex Life

"He Wants A Good Girl Who Knows
How To Be Bad"

This Proven New Guide Tells You Everything Your

You're in a tough spot... I know because I've been there before.
You want a great response from your lover next time you're

After all, how thrilling will it be to see...

  • Your lover looking at you with amazement
  • Your lover reaching for you with lust in their eyes
  • Your lover smiling at you as they lie there totally satisfied

But You're Not Sure How
To Pull This Off...

You know there must be secrets to being a red hot lover who can excite their partner without even having to touch them and your hunch is spot on.....

As you read this letter carefully you'll quickly see how an easy to follow three step process will grab your lovers basic instincts and keep them totally under your control.

Because no matter what kind of experience you've had making love or how shy you feel....

You're about to discover how to.......

"Instantly Click With Your Lover..."

Amaze your lover and turn your moment in control into a personal triumph you'll treasure for weeks.

But best of all, you'll do it...

...without being crippled with anxiety.
...without worrying if your lover will like it or not.
...and without going blank at the worst possible moment.

Fact is, the porn star 'dirty talk skills' that seem to drip charisma and confidence isn't something they are born with.

To hold a lover's attention and desire in the palm of your hand you simply need to follow the little known steps I'm about to guide you through. But before we talk about that, I'm sure a part of you is thinking...

"Me? A Diva At Talking Dirty .... You're Kidding, Right?"

You're right to ask this even for real?

If I wasn't eye witness to how far my customers have come in such a short time, I wouldn't believe it either. In other words, I know how you feel!

Just don't let your natural shyness or skepticism stand between you and this unique opportunity.

No serious lover would turn their back on this information and here's why...

"There's A Long Rocky Road To Becoming A Confident User of Dirty Talk... And Then There's A Cinch Of A Shortcut... And I'm About To Hand You That Shortcut ..."

  • Hi,

    This is Duncan Roberts, and I have a confession I want to share with you.

    You see, us men are different from you.

    Our brains are wired differently.

    Something in our genes makes us respond to the whispered promise of intense raw physical pleasure by jumping to full standing attention, ready for action from the first sexy dirty phrase that passes your lips.

    Women seek romance, you celebrate the subtleties. You love roses, candles, the ring. You love dancing and dining and laughing together. And then, only then, when the lights are low, you turn into a tigress.

    Face it, most men are fairly clueless when it comes to romance. Mother Nature made us that way, and there's not really a lot we can do about it, but we truly love women to talk dirty to us.

  • It's the truth. And here's

    Another Secret: It's fun!

    So, I'm going to show you how to make your man so incredibly hot for you that he will not even think about another woman. You really won't mind having some fun while you do it, will you? But first, let's talk...

Here's WHY Women Lose Men They Genuinely Care For...

First the bad news. If your man isn't paying attention to you like he used to there's a reason for it, and it probably isn't what you think. 99% of the time it's because he's afraid that he is not pleasing you.

The awful truth is that he would rather cut off his arm than actually tell you. If you're happy in your relationship, by all means let him know. And let him know it often. Else, he will feel unappreciated and look to roam.

Here's the good news: It's much easier than you think to make a man feel appreciated and satisfied.

Are You Going To Keep Doing the Same Old Things?

If you're reading this, it is probably for one of two reasons. Either you feel like there is something missing in your relationship, or you have a red hot relationship and want to throw even more fuel on the fire. Either way, this vital information will steer your relationship to new heights.

"Finally, Here Is a Step-By-Step Manual for
Communicating With Your Lover in Ways
That Will Bind Him to You Forever"

Here's a simple solution that works every time you use it.

If you want to get to a man's heart, you must appeal to his animal nature, his basic instincts. Take advantage of that button that nature planted in him. You'll be delighted by the results. Deny the power of nature and, at best, you will be frustrated. At worst, you'll be alone.

The plain truth is that there is a dark side to each and every man that loves the slut, the porn star, the bad girl. So, sadly, some weak men stray. The really sad part is that this is so unnecessary, so much just a misunderstanding. All you have to do is know the right words to say and he will be yours for as long as you want him.

The way to a man's heart is not through his stomach, not even that place a little further south. If you really want to keep the lover you have, it's in how you talk to him.

Here Are Ten Great Reasons to Claim Your Copy of
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"Dirty Talk - The Tips & Tricks of Talking Dirty & Enjoying It"

  • Your man will see you as more sexy and more desirable than you ever dreamed possible.
  • Your man will be interested in YOU... and only YOU... straying or playing around with another woman will be the LAST thing on his mind!
  • Your sex life will reach incredible heights of ecstasy beyond anything you or your man have known
  • ALL of the embarrassment will be removed... you will know EXACTLY what to say and exactly WHEN to say it... you will be having so much fun, you will FORGET to be nervous!
  • If he asked you to talk dirty to him in the past, and you were too shy, or felt awkward... well guess what - you are going to BLOW HIS MIND now! (at the very least...)
  • Learn precisely how to look at him as you talk dirty... you will drive him absolutely crazy with desire for you!
  • Touch him "here" and he will know what's "ahead" - he won't be able to get it out of his mind!
  • Discover why women are less inclined to dirty talk... and how to change that false, limiting conditioning... in fact, it's nice to be naughty!
  • Even if there's no other people around except you two, there's just something about being outside - in a public park, say - and swapping hot sexy dirty phrases - "I'm going to lick you until you scream - I'm your sex slave for the evening - I love the taste of your ( )!" Hot, hot, hot... doesn't need to be other people around - just the possibility of it!
  • Learn how to become a love detective - know his secret wants and hidden urges even when he doesn't know them - he will never know how you found out his deep dark sexually charged secrets!

........and much more!

"Can 2,000 + Happy Women Be Wrong?"

Thousands of copies of "Dirty Talk - The Tips & Tricks Of Talking Dirty & Enjoying It" have been bought and downloaded immediately by people just like you. There is no doubt that the secret techniques work and work well. But don't just take my word for it, see what others who have bought it say.....

    • "...all hell let loose ..."

      I honestly thought that your claims and comments about how effective talking dirty could be were a load of rubbish. I do owe you an apology on that score, I was SO wrong!

      I purchased your guide because our sex life was, to put it honestly, crap!

      But when I started talking dirty, just a few simple comments about how certain things made my body feel - all hell let loose. I've never had that much attention spent on me before and I kept talking for ages because it just drove him on and on.

      Now if you could just come up with a guide on how to get your man to learn what to do with the dirty dishes - I'd be a devoted follower for life!

      Sarah Travatt. - Blackpool, Lancs.

    • "Honestly, I Didn't Think It Would Help..."


      What can I say - I really, really loved your book.

      Honestly I didn't think it would help but after the pestering I've had recently, I just had to try something different and exciting that I'd actually be able to do.

      I bought it with the intention of just using an idea or two to get some peace. I still can't believe how much I got turned on whilst doing it. :-)

      Thank you so much, both for the book as well as for answering my question - your suggestion worked like a dream and it was so easy to do too!

      Julianna S. - Whittier, CA

    • "Thank God We Got Your Guide..."

      My boyfriend has wanted me to talk dirty from the time we met. He is a musician and is very sound-oriented. I am a painter and very visual. So I thought I could never fully satisfy him.

      was always worried that he would leave me for one of the female musicians he plays music with. But after reading your guide and putting it into practice, he is singing my praises now!
      No longer am I worried - we are getting married in June!

      Debbie G., Portland, OR

    • "My Fiancé Couldn't Believe It......"

      I have to confess that I took your guide with me on our honeymoon. I apologize because I can't let him know my secret - maybe when we get old and grey. I suppose it's selfish of me, but I want him to think I'm the only woman who can make him feel that way.

      Linda K., Nashville, TN.

    • "I Owe My Wife A Big Thank You..."

      Amazing book, thank you so much. But I must give credit to my wife.

      I was always worried about saying the wrong thing and sounding stupid but the ideas and examples in your book have made it so easy – and so much fun.

      I am very lucky to married to such a wonderful woman! Just when I thought that our sex couldn't get any better... along came my wife with your book!

      Darren Shepherd, Long Island, NY

    • "Holy Cow..."

      Holy Cow... I am an actress, so I am used to role playing, but your guide took everything to a new level. I never knew how much fun and effective sexy sounds and dirty words could be.

      Misty G., Los Angeles, CA

    • "He would instantly get excited ..."

      Hi DR,

      I absolutely love your book! It really helped me and my beau have a better sex life! I had never txted n e 1 b4 and he hadn't either and when I started sending him those txt he would instantly get excited and made sure that he would come by and see me at some point in the day! Even if it was lunch break!

      He would even be at his work site while I would b sending him these txts and he would be so excited!

      Again thanx!!! Any other tips u hav plz let me kno!! I really love you for the help!


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