Dirty Talk

Dirty Phone Talk - Tips On How To Get The Most Fun

Lots of people own phones but hardly anyone thinks to use them to add a bit of spice and va va voom to their boyfriends day!


Read these tips to discover a new way of making him smile.

Talking dirty on the phone can be a challenge initially but it only takes a few practice runs to really get the hang of this sort of flirtation. Many people find that dirty phone talk is actually easier than face to face dirty talk. This is without a doubt because there is no body language to interpret and your partner won't catch your blushing as you say those naughty words!

dirty talk bookPeople use dirty phone talk for a number of reasons including:
- Long distance relationships
- Chat lines
- Before meeting a person for the first time
- Just for fun

There are arguments against whether men or women find it easier to talk dirty on the phone. Whilst men may be considered to be the least timid of the sexes, it is often he who has the most difficulty talking dirty over the phone. The reason for this is unknown but it is possible to make your man talk dirty on the phone by following some of these dirty phone talk tips.

Make the first move

When two people decide to talk dirty over the phone there is often an interlude of "you go first" comments from both parties. For some reason nobody ever wants to make the first move! Nonetheless it is best to get the first few words out of the way as it gets easier from there.

Make it easier on your partner

Your partner, male or female, will most likely feel nervous if you mention you want to talk dirty on the phone. The way to relax them is to simply ease into it. Rather than heading for the most intimate of chats, start with some mild flirty talk and escalate it from there. You will find that this easing in of the partner will assist matters considerably.

Be open minded

Talking dirty does not necessarily mean using various four letter words. If you are not comfortable using such words then that is ok. There are many other ways to speak sensually to your partner so it is perfectly ok to use any words that pop into mind. Your partner will simply enjoy you talking in this manner and in fact, sensual speak rather than outright swearing can be even more seductive.

Dirty talk on the phone is fun and a great way to be with your partner if you can not physically be together.

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