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Raunchy Talk - Using Raunch To Enflame Your Lover Pays Big Dividends

Many people turn to raunchy talk as a way to spice up their sex life. It can lead men and women to passions they never knew existed in the bedroom. Humans have a specific switch that seems to be flipped by a lover speaking dirty, raunchy words into our ears. We crave it, invite it, and even beg for them to tell us more and more. Be warned, those who attempt raunchy talk may forever change their sex life for the better.

Raunchy talk often times gets a bad name because it’s associated with either frat boy humor or slutty behavior. It’s actually neither. A healthy relationship uses all the tools available to increase performance, passion, and communication. Using our words to heighten our lover’s arousal should be a first course of action, not avoided. But how does one break into raunchy talk and get the interest of their lover?

A bike has two wheels and we learned to balance on those wheels to propel ourselves down sidewalks and city streets. We may have learned after a few tumbles, but eventually we got the hang of it, so that without practice, we could still manage to hop on the seat and pedal around a park. The skill became a part of us. Raunchy talk, dirty talk, passionate speak is the same way. We may have to stumble and bruise our ego a bit at first, but we should get back up and pedal towards betterment. We can practice on our friends, but that might be more comical than intended. We can speak into a mirror, but that might create more nerves than necessary. We can jump into raunchy talk with our partner before, during, or after sex and likely have more success than all the other practice techniques.

Talking dirty in the sack is one thing. Outside of the bedroom, it takes on a whole new meaning. Many people use it as a seduction tool. They might begin after dinner, telling the other person how much they love their smell, their hair, their eyes, until all safe language has been used and the full on sport of imaginative sex has been recounted. You see this type of communication relies heavily on expression coupled with imagination. It’s about exploring sex in the mind. Many couples use it to transform their actual love-making into a veritable festival of positions and creativity. By using communication skills outside the bedroom, many couples find the raunchy talk actually allowed them to disclose what they like and don’t like during sex much easier.

Raunchy talk can lead to healthy sex, healthy relationships, and a healthy fantasy life. The benefits far outweigh the taboo nature of this sort of communication. Many couples decide together they want to explore this type of foreplay. It can be a great way to boost interest, passion, and commitment.

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