Dirty Talk

Do You Need an Example of Dirty Talk? It's Easier Than You Think!

Do you need an example of dirty talk for your man? A common problem among women is that they say they would like to talk dirty to their man in bed, but don't know what to say. They simply can't think of the sexy words their man longs to hear, or at least can't come up with something that doesn't sound fake. As everyone knows, men hate it when things sound fake. They want realistic dirty talk from you, so definitely don't say it if you don't mean it. That is the first rule of talking dirty.

An example of dirty talk that will turn him on is an expression of your enjoyment that comes naturally and almost without you thinking about it. You just kind of turn off your mind during sex and allow your emotions and mouth to take over, so that you can easily express any good feelings you're having. Don't be embarrassed about whatever it is you say. As long as it's positive and expressing your enjoyment of the proceedings, your guy is guaranteed to love it, because it will be a clear indication to him that he is pleasuring you. And that is what most men really want...to pleasure their women.

Another good example of dirty talk is just using the word "yes" over and over in appropriate places. If you like what he's doing to you, say "yes" in the most appropriate tone for the situation. If you are wondering whether he wants you to do a particular thing to him, ask him, "Yes?" or even better, "Yeah?" and he will go wild and do backflips to please you. "Yes" can be the dirtiest word in the world when used right.

It's also a good idea to throw in as many dirty words as you can. Don't just use the clinical terms for certain body parts...use the nasty versions. If you want your vagina touched in a certain way, for example, ask for it, but use the word "pussy" or an even dirtier one if you can think of one. The dirtier the better is always the rule in bed. Men love to hear their classy, sophisticated ladies talking like the most seasoned of sailors in the sack. It's such a huge turn on to them because they know that you talk like this for them and them alone.

So, you see, you really don't need much of an example of dirty talk to turn your man on. He will love practically anything dirty that you say in bed, as long as it is real and genuine and comes from what you're really feeling. If you can throw in a few dirty words while you're at it, even better. He'll appreciate it and you'll appreciate what he does for you to show his appreciation!


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