Dirty Talk

Do You Need a Dirty Talk Script?

Many women think that they need a dirty talk script to be able to have a real sexy conversation with their man in bed. This just isn't true. It's sad that many women think this way, because using a script just sounds unnatural and men are not turned on by anything that doesn't sound genuine. Yet, women claim they just don't know what to say in bed to turn their men on. If only they knew that it takes very little to turn a man on, they'd be dirty talk pros in no time!

Instead of you following a dirty talk script, what most men want is spontaneous expressions of sexual arousal. That basically means that if you're feeling turned on, say so! Tell your man just how much he's making you hot, or just how good what he's doing feels to you. Say what's on your mind! If it's good, and shows him in a positive way that he is pleasing you, he will just be spurred on to please you more. Trust us on this. It works and he will love it. Most men want their women to express more pleasure in bed.

You can also turn the tables on him and ask him if what YOU are doing to HIM feels good. He will appreciate it that you care enough to ask and that his pleasure means so much to you. This show of caring will turn him on, too, and again, he will reciprocate by doing incredibly pleasurable things to you. It's a type of give and take in bed that works wonders and isn't very complicated at all. You just need to be yourself and be natural to get all the sexual pleasure you could want.

Also, remember to keep it simple. Too much talking during sex can be distracting, which is another reason why a dirty talk script isn't a great idea. It usually involves too much talking. Just a few simple words here and there, like "Yeah, baby!" or "That really makes me hot!" are sure to do the trick. Spread the words out throughout the sex session, too. Don't say everything all at once. Save some for different parts of your play time together, to keep the fires burning throughout, so to speak.

You may think you need a dirty talk script to keep your man turned on, but you don't. All you need is to be in touch with your own emotions and feelings and be comfortable enough with yourself to express these things out loud to your man during sex. You will be rewarded with some of the best sex of your life, guaranteed. Your man will love the new, bold, sexy you and will show you just how much each and every time!


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