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How Do You Talk Dirty?

How do you talk dirty?

That's a question a lot of women out there would like an answer to. You see, most women would love to talk dirty to their men in bed more often, but they simply don't know how. To them, this is a mystery, a secret known to only a few women in the world who are probably porn stars. Most women have at least tried to talk dirty in bed to their men, because they know their men like it. However, it is all too common for these attempts to come off as sounding fake and forced, mainly because they are.

So, how DO you talk dirty?

Well, first of all, stop forcing it. Men hate it when you force it, because they can always tell you're doing it. There is nothing sexy about a forced "oh, do me, baby" from you. It sounds contrived and just like what it is...your attempt at saying what you think will please him. Men don't want you to say what you think they want to hear. They want you to say what you feel like saying. This means going with your instincts and desires, rather than some strange notion of what is hot to a guy.

What is hot to a guy is telling him what is making you feel hot right now as you lie together. If you can express this naturally in words, then that is all the dirty talk your man needs to simply go crazy in bed.

He will know that he is genuinely pleasing you and this will spur him on to even greater feats of sexual triumph on your behalf. You may have had all kinds of thoughts going through your head during sex about how good it feels, but never said anything because you thought it would sound silly.

While it may sound silly to you, it won't to him. This is exactly the type of dirty talking he wants to hear. So, if you're thinking, "Oh my God, that feels fucking fantastic!", then by all means SAY it to him and see just how far he will go to make it feel even better.

Asking "How do you talk dirty?" is one of the most common questions women ask sex therapists and columnists, and the answer is usually the same. Keep it natural and say what is on your mind. This is truly the best way of turning your man on, and he will do back flips to keep those natural, unscripted words coming. He loves to know that he is pleasing you, so let him know. Don't keep it all inside. Sex is so much more fun for the both of you when you express yourself naturally. After all, sex is a natural thing, so let loose and relax while enjoying the ride, and be sure to let your guy know you're enjoying it.


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